UPVC pipes
PVC compounds are one of the most used plastic compounds, as it could be manufactured easily and in various forms by adding different components to it.

Plaspex pipes are manufactured using UPVC because is it’s distinguished by the the following properties:

  • High hardness
  • High resistant to shocks
  • High resistant to different chemicals (acids, alkalis, salts..etc.)
  • High resistant to rusting or corrosion
  • High resistant to different climatic/ atmospheric factors
  • Guaranteed for not less than 50 years
  • Light weighted in comparison to other pipes manufactured of other substances
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Resistant to fire
  • Smooth internal coating, that gives less resistant for water flow
  • Resistant to electric conduction

Important usages of UPVC:

  • Telephone and electric cables
  • Pressure pipes
  • Sanitation pipes inside and outside residential unites
  • Highly developed irrigation networks

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