Synthetic Fibers Factory








Production of all Synthetics threads & its derivatives from woven bags and robes in different diameters.

The synthetic Fibers Factory is producing the following products:-

Nets Sector:

1. Shading Nets (Tricot) 73% Shade
2. Shading Nets (Tricot) 63% Shade
3. Shading Nets (Tricot) 50% Shade
4. Shading Nets (Woven) 73% Shade
5. Shading Nets (Woven) 63% Shade

Woven Bags Sector:
Producing all types of Woven bags narrow jersey
and 2/2 woven with the following sizes:
Narrow Jersey Woven Bags (50 * 90)
for potato Packaging.
Narrow Jersey Woven Bags (40*75)
for potato Packaging.
2/2 Jersey Woven Bags (20*40) for
onion Packaging.
2/2 Jersey Woven Bags (25 * 400) for
onion Packaging.

Insect Screen:

The section is producing all types of Insect
Screen with different widths starting
from less than 140 cm with different mesh
sizes as follows :-
Insect Screen size 22 * 22
Insect Screen size 18 * 18
Insect Screen size 14 * 14

Filter Nets:-

The Synthetic Fibers Factory is producing
the filter Nets, which is used as a filter for
the Depth Pumps with different widths.
Caution Nets:-
The factory is producing Caution Nets in
different sizes 25 cm, 30 cm, 60 cm and 1
m, and the printed to give caution for the
downstream of the electricity cables.