Master Batches








•The factory is producing the color
concentrates known by Masterbatch by using
the up-to-date instruments for color separation
and using pigments and chemicals from the
well known international companies.

• The factory is producing all types of
Masterbatches carried on Polyethylene (PE),
Polystyrenes (PS) which is valid to color the
different raw materials such as HIPS, PP, ABS,

• The factory is producing for the 1st time in
Egypt the following colored and improved raw
materials ready to be used at the demand of
the client to avoid production troubleshooting.
The factory produces the Additive
Concentrates to improve the plastic
specification as : Anti- oxidants, UV stabilizes ,
Flame Retardants.

• The factory produces calcium carbonate
master batches and talc compound on both
polypropolene ( PP ) and polyethylene ( PE)
with different concentrate.

• Company is ready to give the technical
assistant special for Masterbatches or
Materials Colorants for all the plastic
factories in the field of Extrusion- Blown
Film- Blow Moulding- Injection Moulding –
Monofilament- Woven Bags.