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Abdullatif Ahmed Alsharif

Eng. Ahmed H. Alsharif
( 1913 - 1972)


The group which created and managed more than 54 successful Factories and companies on more than three million square meters, and trained more than one hundred and fifty thousand engineers, chemists, technicians and administrators, supported and produced hundreds of thousands of products with the state of the art machines and optimum capabilities for its projects

1932 First Egyptian working in the plastics industry in Britain during his post graduate studies / late Eng. Ahmed Hassanain Alsharif.

1954 The production of the first plastic pipes outside America and Europe in the first and the largest plastics company in the Middle East (Chairman & CEO - Ahmed Hassanain Alsharif )

1958 Establishing the first private factory of Eng. Ahmed Alsharif‚€™s plastics factories.

1962 First production of plastic pipe for Electricity
( Abdullatif Ahmed Alsharif)

1974 The first company in the Middle East to produce plastic pipes and fittings according to international specifications ( Abdullatif Ahmed Alsharif )

1998 Established Plaspex ‚€œ Alsharif Factories ‚€œ with global capital and international expertise management by Alsharif Group (Abdullatif Ahmed Alsharif) to start with the specifications of the new European market for the next century.

1999 the beginning of the latest factory for pipes to produce all kinds of rigid and flexible and with multi-layers of foam, according to international specifications.


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